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My son who is 4 and half is built like me skinny and will never get fat , He is a smart litle kid to. Shows a lot of compassion and very careful. He is 15 kilo 108 cm, so his arse still fits his new born pants, He love his mum(personality disorder) while seems to not listen to her anymore, which to be frank is probably a good thing... I was always a tall skiny thing and my thing was always numbers, He interested more in lanuages and reading.. I. bringing him up to be a real man, to be there for his mother and not to worry about dad, but also. To be able to stand up against her and be confident, a year ago he lost confidence and things were not going good, but i have got things right now and he is really confident little kid, One thing i thought i always knew was me and my boys would never play rugby, even soccer, we are just to thin and long and simply would get snapped... I myself would get snapped and i didnt have the heart for any rough stuff, i can take a bit but nothin near being brave enough for rugby.. BUt over the last year, while he still never punched or even pushed another sole would always be drawn 6o to wrestles and getting stuck in to anything that looked rough, He had a radar for it, and just dont give up in a wrestle, Ive seen him asking his friends to hit him and there aint no fear in him with the bullies and rougher kids, and even at his young age, if you go seeking out action from the bullies, then they leave you alone, We have a big dog and these two just wrestle all day,,, so we do soccer, kung fu, swimming , bike riding and he likes all that but  he just gets that look in his eyes for a wrestle or a tackle... last week we down the park having a kick and i kick the ball and he picks it up and says now you get me and other way around, This goes on for hours, and i try not to stop something thats fun with him just for my sake or if something borin needs to be done, but he would of never stopped so when we went home i rang the rugby club and they said he can start when 4 and a half in the under sixes, That night we rock up in the rain and he dont even know what rugby is, but he just walks over to the under sixes by himself , and joins in like he knew everyone, He definelty the skinniest and lightest, slowest by far but after about an hour the other kids kind of just walk of from the coach, and i hear one of em say, we are to cold, so the coach goes all right, but nathan just stands there in the rain and dont want to finish, And agian tonight, he putting in 100% and just looking to get the biggest guy and bring him down. I have cried so many times for this boy about what he is about to go through and just watchin your boy play the roughest game probably around with no fear, made me feel so proud, i even thinking, this little boy might have what it takes to take what life has for him.. 



@Pheenstar - one of the greatest attributes we can teach our children is resilience. Getting up after being knocked down - overcoming adversity. Sounds like your little guy will be okay.  


@soul I got two little guys, im assuming it is impossible to be okay having a mother like this. I have a lot of respect for women and mothers and mostly they are doing most of the raising of kids and keeping everyone together, (just my opinion), who knows what lies ahead, step mothers and us staying together but, itts got to be a challenge when you take the main person out of any family 


Hello @Pheenstar, how are you today xx

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