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Still looking for some help..years pass...

Hi All

I really need an advocate, perhaps a social worker, who can work with me to find a path through this maze. I post here every six months or so in desperation. I spend time clicking through the list of services leading nowhere. I have a very complex situation with my adult son and his health/mental health and I'm so stuck. I can't get him to get help. I'm broke, largely due to this situation. The situation is unliveable. I need help but I need a person to be willing to step in and work with me primarily and him. This just goes in cycles year after year. Is there in reality any service to help carers where a real human person helps us? Keeping in mind that he doesn't accept his issues are mental health. It's complex. Ant social workers or something I'm not aware of or not thinking of?

Any ideas welcome. But please don't suggest I need counselling to cope. Done it. I need real help to change our lives. 




Re: Still looking for some help..years pass...

Hey @Sharona1  I am sorry to hear of what you're up against, thank you so much for sharing your story, and please know that there is tangible support out there Heart It's no easy journey, so huge props to you, you're not alone amongst our community.


I know you mentioned you're not keen on counselling but would you consider giving our SANE help centre a call on 1800 18 7263? They may be able to link you in to some referrals.


Did you want to talk a little more to the community about what's happening with your son? We're here to listen.

For urgent assistance, call: