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Something’s not right

New Contributor

Psychosis - Where to from here.

I have a much loved family member, she is incredibly nurturing, empathetic and has so much love in her heart. I absolutely believe has psychosis.. 



She heavily believes that someone/people are out to get her, who they are and what they want remains unclear and when trying to understand she laughs, throws her hands in the air and walks off. These people or 'he'. Coming to her house all hours of the night, when she isn't there. Leaving notes, items around her house, yard or in the house. It can be certain coloured cars following her, or any car following her..This is her evidence. 
TV advertisements, shows and movies can be all linked to something she has seen in a magazine. Yet again this is her evidence. Recently, for example, the Paris Olympic games advertised was all connected to an image of an Eiffel Tower in one of her magazines. This was then ripped out and displayed on her car for "them" to see.. You could be wearing say a denim jacket and she will make a big deal out of it...

Her house, no one is no longer welcome too. Overgrown blackberry bushes, shrubs, what I believe could be a burst water pipe is pooling in her front yard.. No hot water service, working fridge, curtains are always drawn shut. It is heartbreakingly a reflection of her mental health. She goes to another family members house to have majority of her meals and showers and for company. 


A lot of it had been hushed, which has not worked in her favour. She had what I believe a break down/episode at a police station resulting in an admission to a mental health facility. It was there, a nurse had told her there was nothing wrong with her, she was 'normal'. All the evidence she needed to confirm that everything she says is happening, is infact true. 

It has affected her work situation. Being sent home from work, told to get herself seen too, moved to a different location of work and scaring coworkers - receiving complaints. 


She was on medication however ceased it on her terms as it made her feel like a "zombie". She gets funny if mental health is mentioned in person or on tv, as if she is aware of her own mental health. However can also mask it and chooses when and where to say things. She is increasingly becoming overshadowed by her mental health, and it is heartbreaking to witness her spiralling. She is incredibly defensive, and struggles to hold a conversation about it, as she believes all the events are to be true.


Where do I go from here? 


Re: Psychosis - Where to from here.

Welcome to the forums @Jz63 


I can hear how concerned you are for your relative, and how upsetting it is to see them become overshadowed by their own mental health. 


Do you feel that you could talk to your family about this? 


It is really difficult getting help for someone who doesn't believe they need it, so what you can do is let your relative know that you are there for them, and seek support for yourself. 

You're always welcome to contact SANE on 1800 187 263 for support and resources.

Re: Psychosis - Where to from here.

Hello @Jz63 


It's a very difficult situation. I've been in a similar position and found it very difficult if not impossible to get professional help for the family member. The psychiatric triage team said it wasn't life-threatening just a lifestyle choice so they couldn't intervene under the mental healthcare act. The person's gp and therapist said they couldn't communicate with us due to privacy and confidentiality considerations but we tried to tell them of the situation anyway. Re the house and garden, family did what they could to intervene when the person had an emergency hospital admission after an accident that was probably caused by the hazards at home. 

It's a very sad situation. All you can do is be there for your family member and encourage them to seek the help they so evidently need. And gently persevere in offering and giving assistance.  If the relative who's helping by providing meals and showers has their trust, they may be in a better position to persuade them.

Unfortunately your family member's employment situation may prove to be a tipping point (speaking from experience). I don't have any answers there apart from recommending pursuing DSP and NDIS supports if their employment ceases. The catch is that I don't know how someone can set in train the NDIS applications when they lack insight into what they need and there doesn't seem to be a process for preliminary evaluation and assessment. 

It seems to me that the gp is the gatekeeper to professional services, meanwhile the family are the only ones with the welfare of the person at heart, and the only ones who can help with the living situation.

I wish you the very best of luck. I hope and trust others here can offer better advice. You certainly have my support.


Re: Psychosis - Where to from here.

@Jz63 hello.

Obviously I don't know you or yours.

Two things: person holds a job, person was triaged as fine by nurse.

Can we establish your objective knowledge of person?


Reason: it is plausible that this is occurring, the person is telling the truth.

Illustration of people sitting and standing

New here?

Chat with other people who 'Get it'

with health professionals in the background to make sure everything is safe and supportive.


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