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Something’s not right

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Please help if possible

I had a call from the hospital tonight to let me know my son (26years)has been admitted this morning. 
he was exhibiting strange behaviors in the street and the police took him in. 
in one way I’m relieved but on the other I do t know what to do. 
my son has been using methamphetamine on and off for a few years and in the last year his behavior has become more and more strange. 
The police put an ivo on him after he lost it when he was living with us in feb which meant he had no where to live so he went to the city and lived in his car. He had crisis accomodation but felt scared there so left. Now he is in the hospital ed they said they would keep him there tonight and let me know anything more in the morning. 
I am wondering if they will release him as he is homeless and I’m sure does not look too well as he has been living rough for some time and his behaviors are odd. 
what should I do?
How can I help?

he is totally fine sometimes and then he will just turn and look really angry and say things like “stop holding me, don’t you know it hurts when you hold someone” and I’m no where near him. 
we can’t have him at hime because of his odd behavior so what do we do. I really don’t want to see him in the streets either. 
it’s so hard!

any one have any ideas?




Re: Please help if possible



Hi there, I'm so sorry to hear what you and your son are going through - it's heartbreaking.


I've not been in this situation but have a mother with a serious illness who's going through issues so I just wanted to drop a note and say you're not alone and you've come to the right place for support.


The example behaviour you provided I'm not sure, but may be it's linked to psychosis where ppl lose in touch with reality and hear or see things that aren't really happening. But, only a GP can confirm also because drugs may be involved, it may be very different to a usual mental health diagnosis.


Hope he gets some help at the hospital. While he's there, may be you can request them to do a mental health check-up. GPs use this questionnaire for people they do mental health care plan for. It's a list of questions they use to determine and diagnose mental illnesses or the lack there of. I'm guessing the nurse or GP there may be able to help since he's already there. 


Another tip I can offer is to practice a really quick grounding that helps to disconnect from panic, anxiety and worry. Name 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can taste and 1 thing you can smell and breathe.. 


Wishing you all the strength and hoping you have clarity on next steps soon. I've also spoken to sane counselors through chat and they're incredible as a first line of support for carers - they may have more advise too.



Re: Please help if possible

Thank you for your reply I really appreciate that 

I am hoping they get him some help and should hear sometime today 

I am torn as I want to go down and take care of him but I know this has not worked in the past 

I am going to call the hospital now and see if I can request a mental health assessment 


thank you very much for your advice and sharing your experience too. That can’t be easy for you either. 


Re: Please help if possible

@Briella ,


So sorry to hear. 

But one thing I have to say is that he’s in a good place to get help.


Hopefully a medical/MH assessment will determine what supports he needs.


It would be good for you to write down a list of what you’d like to share with the hospital including the questions you have raised in you initial post re accomodation etc.


All the best. 

Re: Please help if possible

Hey @Briella 


Please let us know how you go and how your son goes during this time. While he may not want your help now, you could become prepared if he does ask for it and look for suitable AOD services and/ mental health services in the area that he wants to be in and see what recommendations they have gotten for treatment. I wish you good luck for the journey you are undertaking. 

Re: Please help if possible

Thank you all he is now in the mental health unit at the hospital so I think they will keep him there and hopefully support him to get free of psychosis and back on his feet. 
I have no idea how long it will take 

I also have no idea of the best way to be around him as he gets heightened pretty quickly and I’m unsure what causes that. 

Re: Please help if possible

Thank you great idea I will do that. They always seem busy but I will write things down and see if I can get some answers

Re: Please help if possible

I'm afraid I can't suggest but merely sympathise.


My partner reacts at times with the nearly word for word line about hugging him. 


It is BRUTALLY hard. I hope you both get the support you need. Hold in there if you can. He needs you even if he can't take you being near at times. 


Also, I have a Huge experience with hospitals in this matter. Be prepared they may just brand him as drunk or high and not help because of his homelessness. It depends on the hospital and on the staff (be careful of change overs as new staff may not follow through with previous staff promises)


I'd say watch them like a hawk and persist with getting them to help, just don't get caught off guard if they don't. The shock and disbelief can be very untimely and hard to take in on top of things.


Good luck!!!



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