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Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

@Darcy, my current cuppa is coffee in one of my own pottery cups, accompanied by a gingernut. Smiley Happy It's a bit like this one, but with the orangey shino glaze covering the whole cup, inside and out.



Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Thanks @Smc @Faith-and-Hope @outlander 


but may I


Smiley Happy

even tho I no longer ride

pretty please have one like @Determined 's cup.

Smiley Tongue


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

I'll post one for my Dad too- this was his favourite motorbike. He used to do scramble racing in the '50s, using bikes that were then considered "old", and are now considered very desirable classics. Smiley Happy


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Hello and hugs my @Sherry  xxxx 


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

@Sherrymentioned that she's in a "Watch and Act" zone at the moment. Anyone else in fire zones? If so, please keep us up to date with how you're going.
@Determined, any near you?

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Thinking of you @Sherry images (12).jpg


Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Thanks @Darcy @Smc @Shaz51  ... we are safe for now.  But still on a 'watch and act' alert.  Some communities only half a km from here have been evacuated last night though, and we have been told to be prepared to do so too. Much cooler here today after a couple of stinking hot and windy days in the mid 30s.  But the smoke is awful.  Wind picked up late last night and just blew smoke and ash in from our nearest fire.  We are surrounded by them actually, with 3 fires all with emergency warnings, just to our North, our South and our West.  Depending on which way the wind blows are are under ember attack. Scooped a stack of embers/ash from my fish pond this morning.  The smoke gets into the house somehow, despite all windows and doors being shut. And cannot seem to get the smoke smell out of my nostrils.  Yukky.  Anyway thanks for thinking of me. Still waiting to see the pic you posted Darcy, but will check back later.  Will be fine .. our volunteer rural fire service do a fantastic job of protecting life and property.  So sad to hear of a death further north west of NSW overnight.  And two others missing. Hoping for the best for the two missing.  



Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

Glad to hear all's ok for you so far @Sherry. I know someone who's out fighting the fires at the moment, so I'm keeping an eye out on all the news updates. Smiley Sad Hard stuff.

Re: Hot Chocolate Anyone ?

good  to hear all's ok for you so far @Sherry Heart

Hello @Smc , @Faith-and-Hope , @Darcy , @Appleblossom 

after working this morning , i have had 2 cups of coffee soo far xx

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