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Casual Contributor

unpaid worker in disability care

Hi there

have a friend who is a support worker cleaner domestic assistant for several years now in a governement funded house of three intellectually disabled adults

lives in and never trained by the organisation, no prior skills in disability area,

doesnt get paid...

Content/trigger warning
Woman Frustrated

does this sound right ?

any feedback would be welcome ? thankyou


Re: unpaid worker in disability care

The organization she works for should have a formal agreement as to what duties are required in exchange for rent. Carers Aust may be able to advise.

Re: unpaid worker in disability care

yes agree..will pass that info onwards !

Re: unpaid worker in disability care

HI @lululove and @Darcy Smiley Happy

I think @Darcy is spot on with contacting Carers Australia for further information aroiund this.

Possibly Fair Work also?  Or seeking legal advise around their rights within the situation?

Hope they find some answers.

Re: unpaid worker in disability care

thankyou Pebbles for the information  

For urgent assistance, call: