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Re: Caring4Corny

Thank you for the beautiful heirloom corn @Faith-and-Hope , keeping the diversity alive!

Re: Caring4Corny

Oh bless the minister's heart guys, he wants me to stay at home @Maggie @Sherry @Faith-and-Hope @Shaz51 @outlander @Queenie .


My sib has just emailed me Mr Hunt's little proposals.


Wouldn't that do wonders for the suicide rate in this country. Good on ya if you live alone.


But then again maybe I could hook up the egg beaters and food processor to the toaster and do my own ECT at home should I ever need to. He wants me to flick the switch me-self, and also manage to turn it off somehow.....


All of these breakouts of syphilis, ScoMo and scabies have stressed him out and he is making up funny ideas.


Corny Smiley WinkSmiley Wink

Re: Caring4Corny

I am not a 'quiet Australian' and I never will be @nashy pear.


Smiley Tongue

Re: Caring4Corny

download (38).jpg

Re: Caring4Corny


Re: Caring4Corny

@Darcy @outlander @Sherry @Shaz51


A cuddle coma to you all


Corny Heart




Re: Caring4Corny

@Corny  I just read ➡️➡️ you are back in the honeymoon suite. I’m sorry, I know how hard the, in and out, hospital stays can be. I’m short on words, big crash from the move, but big on feels.

Take care. 💙💙💙💙

Re: Caring4Corny

I am @Maggie , and thank you for your message of support and understanding. The in and out can be draining and like being on a yo-yo, but I am grateful too, my doctor sees me 3 times a week while I am admitted.


I am hoping that there won't be too many clashing personalities on the ward or triggering people, there's always a lot of diversity, but it is a psych ward and there can be distressing scenes & irritating people. My friend came to visit me on Monday so that was really nice and I went out with my sibs on the weekend.

There's actually a lot of familiar faces from my admission earlier in the year, I guess its just the nature of it for some of us.


I am glad that your move is over, it can be very stressful but exciting and full of hope too. I hope that it is a peaceful little enclave somewhere with not too much noise where you can give you brain a break. 


Corny Heart

Re: Caring4Corny

Hope the med change goes ok @Corny .

images (1).jpeg


Re: Caring4Corny

Thanks @Darcy I will be OK. I dream of puppies to get through  Smiley Wink

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